About Organization

Afghan Youth Services Organization (AYSO) is a non-governmental, non-political, and non for profit organization that was registered with the Ministry of Economic with registration number 397 in 2006.  

AYSO since its establishment has successfully implemented numerous humanitarian, health service delivery, youth empowerment projects in urban, semi-urban, and rural areas with different geographical, demographic, and security situations in several provinces of the country. AYSO has been implementing Health, Food security, agriculture, nutrition, water sanitation, and hygiene, Education, Capacity Building, Behavior Change, Social Development, Youth Wellbeing, Gender Equality & Equity, Charity and Emergency Aid, Peace & Youth, and stability projects and research, assessments, studies, and surveys for the different thematic areas. AYSO through the implementation of numerous humanitarian projects reached the most vulnerable segments of the societies such as; children, women, youth, elders, IDPs, people with disabilities, and nomad populations, either through its developmental projects or by raising awareness on their rights through IEC/BCC, short-term courses, seminars, and workshops. AYSO geographically covers all 34 provinces of the country through either one or more of the above humanitarian services