GD message

Greetings friends;

 It is with great pleasure that I write the introductory note to Afghan Youth Services Organization (AYSO).

As Afghanistan is a country where it has seen severe destructions in all sectors and it needs much more hard work to re-maintain its former status and could stand in the line of the World Community. That’s why World Community Donors, Implementers, Consultants, NGOs, INGOs, and even the poor communities of Afghanistan committed to working hard for the development of each affected sector. As part of that Afghan Youth Service Organization (AYSO) as an independent and non for profit organization, has been recently able to provide a wide range of services to its service users in different parts of the country with an aim to empowering the communities to make right and ethical choices over their lifetimes. AYSO since its establishment has implemented numerous health Emergency and educational projects in different part of the country. In this way, AYSO has been able to reach the most vulnerable segments of the society such as; children, illiterate youths, women, elders and people with disability, either through its developmental projects , we will keep working for the rehabilitation, improving the health and educational status, building the capacities, assisting in emergencies, providing safe and secure shelters to orphans and affected women and providing jobs opportunities to the vulnerable people of Afghanistan particularly youth and women. I really appreciate all employees of AYSO for their outstanding and professional work throughout the past years to ensure our clients continue to receive high-quality services. Although the people of Afghanistan have suffered great financial loss We are thankful to the Afghan community, Donor agencies, the partners Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), and other stakeholders for their continuous and generous supports. It would be a privilege and honor to me to continue serving the communities through AYSO without any discrimination on religion, ethnicity and gender. It is my hope to move on forward along with my colleagues to be a voice for the voiceless and underserved communities


 Sincerely, March 2022

 Dr Wahidullah Taroon