AYSO has been implementing BPHS and non-BPHS health projects reached to the very remote, conflict-affected and vulnerable population in several provinces of the country.

AYSO has successfully implemented BPHS all components (maternal & child health, newborn and immunization, public nutrition, communicable diseases, mental health, disability and essential drug list) in Takhar, Badghis, and Helmand provinces. AYSO focuses on the provision of sexual and reproductive health services and raising public awareness through community-based approaches to prevent the maternal and child mortality and morbidity. AYSO have rich experience in community midwifery program, trained two batches of community midwives and three batches of community nurses in Takhar, Badghis, and Helmand provinces where 121 health professionals (48 midwives and 73 nurses) graduated and deployed into health centers. Meanwhile, AYSO established 10 Family Health Houses (FHH) in the remote areas of Badghis province under the contract of the BPHS project.