·       To improve the health status of the communities and provide quality health services to reduce mortality and morbidity of the population particularly among women and children.

·       To strengthen and provide support in improvement and expansion of education in the country.

·       To Improve and build the capacity of Afghans (particularly youth) through capacity building training, seminars, conventions etc.

·       To generate data for evidence-based decision making by conducting studies, researches, and assessments.

·       To support Afghans (particularly youth and women) in improving their poor economic status through implementation of Income Generating Projects, such as skill development training, vocational training, business development and internship.

·       To decrease gender sensitivity, improve and empower the role of women in societies through increasing awareness and capacity regarding human rights, gender equality and equity, elimination of violence against women.

·       To help government and anti-governmental elements in peace and stability bringing and work for uprooting the causes and factors of insecurity and instability in Afghanistan and even in the Globe.

·       To support the government, relevant departments and community in the prevention & response of natural and human-induced disasters and hazards, and try to provide emergency, humanitarian and social support to minimize the harms up to a very low level